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Ah, a Place to Rest

Have you ever been so tired of standing that when you came across a place to sit, you could not help but sit down? If so, you have a true appreciation for furniture. Yes, furniture can be more than a place to sit, but the majority of the furniture we use in our homes is, in fact, just that — a place to sit. Couches, recliners, dining room chairs, and settes all fit this description. We ask you to keep that in mind as you read on this blog. While some furniture serves other purposes, sitting tends to be what we appreciate most.


Unraveling the Art of Custom Furniture Refinishing

13 February 2024
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Custom furniture refinishing breathes new life into treasured pieces, transforming them into unique statement items. This craft involves meticulous care and expertise to restore and enhance the natural beauty of furniture while preserving its original charm. This blog post provides an overview of the process involved in custom furniture refinishing and how it can completely transform any piece of furniture. The Process of Custom Furniture Refinishing Assessment The first step in refinishing furniture is assessing the piece to determine the level of work needed. Read More …

Custom Leather Furniture: A Mark of Distinction

17 January 2024
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When it comes to home decor, nothing quite matches the allure and sophistication of custom leather furniture. These pieces offer a unique blend of style, durability, and comfort that can transform any space into a stylish sanctuary. Here's why custom leather furniture deserves serious consideration. Unmatched Style and Elegance Custom leather furniture exudes an air of sophistication that few other materials can match. It's versatile, classic, and timeless, complementing any decor style from traditional to modern. Read More …