Three Stool Seat Materials To Consider

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Three Stool Seat Materials To Consider

31 August 2022
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When you shop for stools for your kitchen or another part of your home, one of the things you'll need to decide is what type of seat you want the stools to have. Many stools have circular seats, but others have seats that are various other shapes. While the seat shape is important, so is the material that makes up the seat. Furniture stores that carry lots of stools will have products with many different seat materials, giving you lots of options to find what will work best in your home. Here are three popular stool seat materials that you'll find.


You can expect to find many different stools that have wooden seats. Typically, these stools also have wooden legs, offering an all-wood look that can work well in many homes. A big advantage of wooden stool seats is their durability. If one of your children spills some food on their lap while seated on the stool, there's a good chance that the food will end up on the stool seat, too. Even if you don't notice the mess until later, you won't have trouble wiping the food away and returning the stool seat to a like-new appearance.


There are lots of stools on the market that have seats that are wrapped in leather. The color of the leather can vary. Many of these pieces of furniture use black or brown leather, but you'll sometimes find products that are in brighter hues. Leather stool seats help to give the stool a high-end appearance, which can work well in a kitchen that you've just had remodeled to be more modern and stylish. If you don't like the idea of using actual leather, you'll have no trouble finding faux leather stool seats, which offer a similar appearance and are typically more affordable.


Many stools have acrylic seats, which gives them an entirely different appearance. Often paired with metal legs, acrylic stool seats offer a modern look that makes them a good fit in many homes. Resistant to damage and easy to clean, acrylic stool seats are sold in many different bright colors. Some people favor clear acrylic stool seats for a simple, minimalist look. Consider one of the stools for various areas of your home, including a child's bedroom. To browse an assortment of stools with these and other seat materials, visit a furniture store in your area or contact a professional.