5 Persian Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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5 Persian Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

28 September 2022
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Persian rugs are impeccable, and the investment calls for special unique care and maintenance. You want your carpet to be in the best condition and last for years. Below are Persian rug cleaning and maintenance tips for preserving the appearance and life of your Persian rug.

1. Don't Steam Clean Your Persian Rug

Never clean your Persian rug with the same method you use on a regular carpet. Cleaning experts don't recommend steam cleaning because the harsh process can damage Persian rugs' delicate natural fibers like silk and wool. Further, a steam cleaner may not thoroughly remove dirt. Instead, take your carpet to a dry cleaner proficient in Persian rug cleaning.

2. Clean Spills Immediately

You prevent stains on your Persian rugs if you wipe any spills immediately. Otherwise, if you leave the spill, you may be unable to restore the stained area's look. So, use white clothes or paper towels to absorb excess liquid. If you pour high viscosity substances, use a blunt object like a rounded spoon to scoop them. Also, avoid colored towels because such could transfer the dye into the rug fibers.

3. Regularly Vacuum Clean Your Persian Rug

The fibers of your Persian rug can become packed down by traffic. Failing to vacuum clean frequently makes the rug's fibers vulnerable to damage. So use a vacuum cleaner to remove manageable dirt. Nonetheless, some soil goes down the pile and gets trapped in the foundation of your rug. So as much as you vacuum clean, don't ignore the necessity of professional deep cleaning for Persian rugs.

4. Don't Wait Until the Rug Looks Dirty To Schedule a Cleanup

Some Persian rugs hide soil and dirt, which is suitable for aesthetics. However, the downside is that the carpet hides pollutants, soil, and contaminants deep in its foundation. Besides, hidden dirt may exacerbate hypersensitive occupants' allergies and destroy the rug's fiber. So don't wait until your carpet becomes visually dirty to clean — instead, schedule regular cleanups based on usage.

5. Schedule Occasional Deep Cleanups

Call the pros once in a while for a deep Persian rug cleaning to prolong the carpet's lifespan and freshen its appearance. Professionals use the appropriate materials and products to tackle stains. An expert also avoids damage to the fibers and can thoroughly dry your Persian rug in a short time.


The tips above can extend your Persian rug's life and enhance its aesthetics. General housekeeping practices can also help keep particles out of your home. So, as you care for your Persian rug, also be keen on maintenance to keep off too much dirt from your carpet. Finally, pay extra attention and care for your Persian rug if you have children and pets.

Contact a professional Persian rug cleaning service in your area for more information.