Mattress Store Shopping a Duex? How to Find the Best Bed as a Couple

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Mattress Store Shopping a Duex? How to Find the Best Bed as a Couple

28 September 2022
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Are you buying your first mattress as a couple? Before you visit the closest mattress store in your area, take a look at what couples need to know about sizes, comfort levels, and how to choose the best bed for two. 

Which Size Is the Best Choice?

A mattress dealer will sell an array of sizes, starting at twin and ranging up to California king. Each size has a different width and some have different lengths. According to the Sleep Foundation, a standard twin is 38-inches by 75-inches, a twin XL is 38-inches by 80-inches, a full is 54-inches by 75-inches, a queen is 60-inches by 80-inches, a king is 76-inches by 80-inches, and a California king is 72-inches by 84-inches. 

Single twin and twin XL mattresses will not comfortably fit two adults. This means you may want to start your bed search at the full level. Even though it is possible for a full to feel comfortable, this size is better suited to solo sleepers or couples who prefer to sleep close together. If you like your space, explore the queen, king, and California king options. The longer length of a California king is ideal for couples with at least one tall partner. 

Along with space for both you and your partner to sleep comfortably, you may also need to take pets into account. If your dog, cat, or dog and cat will sleep in the bed, you will need either a wider or longer mattress to accommodate the entire family. 

Which Firmness is the Right Choice?

The material inside of the mattress and its construction will create a comfort level. These include soft, pillowy mattresses, middle-of-the-road beds, and firm or extra firm options. An extra soft bed will conform to your body shape, sinking to fit around both you and your partner. In contrast, an extra firm mattress will remain rigid while you sleep.

The heavier the weight on the bed, the more the sleepers will sink into an extra soft or soft mattress. If weight wasn't an issue when you slept solo, doubling the number of people on the bed could make a soft mattress uncomfortable. Not only will a plush mattress sink as you sleep, these beds often hold heat in. If you or your partner are hot sleepers, consider a different firmness level.

Firm beds are exactly what the name implies. These mattresses provide a rigid support system that won't sink as you sleep. While a firm or extra firm mattress can support the weight of two people, these beds won't contour around your shape. 

What should you do if you want a soft mattress and your partner needs something firm (or vice versa)? Medium-soft/medium-firm mattresses are the best of both worlds. Think of these options as a middle ground that can help two opposite firmness level sleepers choose one bed.