Three Office Partition Finishes To Consider

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Three Office Partition Finishes To Consider

19 December 2022
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When you browse the website of an office furniture supplier, you'll commonly see one or more pages that are devoted to office partitions. These devices, which often feature wheels, are designed to offer privacy wherever you need them. You can position office partitions in certain areas for an indefinite period or keep them in storage and bring them out at certain times when you need them. If you want to buy a few partitions, you'll need to think about what finish you want them to have. Here are three common finishes.

Faux Wood 

You'll often see office partitions that feature a faux wood finish. This gives them a stylish look that can work well in many different office environments. Some of the faux wood looks dark, while other products can be light or even have a reddish tint. They often have pronounced wood grain markings that give them an authentic wood look. One idea is to choose some partitions that have faux wood that is a close match to the desks, cubicles, or other furniture that you have in your office. This will ensure that the partitions look like they belong, rather than appearing slightly out of place.


You'll also see office partitions that have a whiteboard finish. This finish can be handy in lots of places around an office. If an employee has this partition next to their desk, it not only provides a source of privacy, but also gives them a large area on which to write notes, work on designs, and more. This type of partition can encourage impromptu brainstorming sessions among small groups of employees at their desks, which can be beneficial to your company in many different ways. Some of these partitions are magnetized, allowing people to stick documents to them with magnets.


Fabric office partitions are another option for you to consider. They offer numerous benefits. The padded fabric surface can hold small pins, which means that employees can pin everything from documents to personal photos to motivational quotes when they have one of these partitions close to their desks. The fabric also provides a soft texture, which is something that many office spaces lack. Soft surfaces tend to absorb sounds instead of reflecting them, which may help to muffle noises around the partitions. If you're interested in some office partitions with one of these finishes or that have another style, visit an office furniture store.