Things To Evaluate When You Shop For A Credenza

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Things To Evaluate When You Shop For A Credenza

6 January 2023
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If you've recently bought a dining table and chair set for your new home but you're eager to add at least one more piece of furniture to improve the function and look of this space, a credenza may be something on your shopping list. This piece of furniture is available in several styles, allowing you to find a piece that will be a good fit with your existing dining room furniture and the decor that you have in this part of your home. There are lots of things that you should evaluate when you're looking at different credenzas at a local furniture store, including these three things.


In general, you'll see that credenzas are longer than they are tall. This means that most credenzas you see will have similar heights, but you'll notice that the length of these pieces of furniture can vary considerably. Different lengths can work well in different sizes of dining rooms. If you have an extremely long wall in this room and are thinking of placing your new credenza against it, you'll likely want to choose a credenza that is on the longer side. Visually, this length will work best against a long wall.


You should also look at the base of each credenza you're thinking about buying. You'll likely notice that some credenzas sit on short legs, while others are designed with a flat bottom that allows them to sit directly on the dining room floor. There are advantages to each design. If you have a lot of items to store and you expect to use some decorative storage bins, a credenza with legs will allow you to slide one or more of these bins beneath this piece of furniture. Meanwhile, a credenza that sits directly on the floor won't have dust that collects beneath it.

Open Space

The majority of the storage space in a credenza will be in drawers and behind hinged or sliding doors. There are some units, however, that have some open space. For example, you may see credenzas that have doors over most of the front side but feature one or more open shelves. Think about what you'll be storing in this piece of furniture and whether or not you want it to be visible. If you have a decorative serving bowl that you don't want to be hidden behind a door, for example, you'll likely want a credenza with an open shelf that can accommodate the bowl. Visit a local furniture store to look for a new credenza.

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