Features You'll Enjoy With A Plug-In Sectional Couch

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Features You'll Enjoy With A Plug-In Sectional Couch

16 January 2023
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When you think of a sectional couch, you might not immediately imagine a scenario in which you have to plug this piece of furniture into a wall outlet in your living room or basement. While it's true that most sectionals don't plug in, you'll increasingly see examples of this type of sofa that are equipped with a power cord. Once you connect your new sectional to your home's power, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of features when you and your family members relax on the sectional.

Here are some features that you'll use countless times in the coming years. 

Power Recline

There are lots of sectional couches that have one or more reclining seats, but a lot of these seats operate manually. This generally means that you move a lever while shifting your body weight to move from an upright position into a reclined position. Some sectionals, however, offer a power recline feature. This means that you simply press a button that is usually built into the armrest of the sofa, and the sofa will move until you let go of the button. This powered feature can be fun for people of all ages; children will enjoy the novelty of it and older people will appreciate the ease of not having to manually move a lever.


Some sectionals have built-in lights that you can turn on and off once you plug this piece of furniture into a power source. The lighting situation varies between makes and models, but it's common for there to be colored LED lights hidden out of sight below the sectional. When you turn the lights on, you'll enjoy a colored glow beneath you. This feature can be exciting if you have the sectional in a home theater or even in a gaming room, where colored LED lighting is common.

USB Charging Ports

A lot of people charge their mobile devices by plugging them into the wall, but you'll find that a sectional that is equipped with multiple USB charging ports can be convenient. If you look forward to lounging on the sofa and playing games or watching video clips on your tablet, you'll appreciate being able to charge the device by plugging it into a port built into the sectional's armrest.

Visit a furniture store that carries a wide selection of sectional couches to learn about models that you can plug in to use these features.