Leather Language: Getting To Know The Types Of Leather Before You Shop For Furniture

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Leather Language: Getting To Know The Types Of Leather Before You Shop For Furniture

10 February 2023
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There is a reason leather is still a popular choice when selecting furniture for both homes and businesses. Leather looks and feels luxurious and looks amazing with any type of interior décor. However, there are several varieties of leather, and learning the differences can help you choose furniture that is best suited for your home or business.   

Full-grain leather 

Commonly used in western-style furniture, full-grain leather has a rugged appearance and is made from high-quality hides that are as close to blemish free as possible. Full-grain leather is thick, resistant, and durable. Fats and oils are retained in the hide due to the thickness, which adds to its durability and beauty. 

Top-grain leather 

Top-grain leather is like full-grain but is thinner. It is still a great leather, but its thinner quality makes it easier to mold around furniture to create a uniform shape in sofas and chairs. Its smooth and uniform appearance makes it a good choice for complex color-dying processes when making furniture.  

Split-grain leather  

If you are looking for a less expensive leather, split grain is a good option and can save you money while still providing aesthetic value in a room. Split-grain leather is the layer left once the top layer of the hide is removed. It is soft and pliable and has a fuzzy appearance on both sides but is less resistant to damage.  

Nubuck leather  

Typically made from calfskin, nubuck leather is sanded from the outside. This helps the leather maintain its natural patina. Nubuck leather furniture is durable but is not as easy to wipe down as other leathers and will usually respond best to brushing with a soft brush to remove dust.  

Sheepskin leather 

Furniture made from sheepskin leather can add interest to a room, but it will need to be brushed regularly to prevent the fibers from knotting. Typically used for smaller furniture pieces—due to sheepskin being smaller than bovine hides—sheepskin leather provides a luxurious and soft finish and is great for an accent chair.  

Once you understand a little bit about the types of leather commonly used for furniture, you will be able to choose which type is best suited for you. Leather is always a great fit for most homes and will match any decorating theme. No matter which type you choose, you simply cannot go wrong with the beauty of leather furniture.   

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