Office Furniture You Might Need For A Small Office Suite

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Office Furniture You Might Need For A Small Office Suite

22 June 2023
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If you have a small office with just a couple of employees, you won't need a lot of office furniture. You'll need desks, chairs, tables for a work area, and comfortable chairs for clients. You may want to decide on decor first so you can buy office furniture that matches, or you just may want traditional office chairs and desks. Here are some tips for buying office furniture.

Waiting Area Chairs Should Be Easy To Clean

If you have a small business, you'll probably stagger appointments so there won't be many people waiting to see you. However, you'll need a few chairs for those who do need to wait. If you buy upholstered chairs, be sure to buy chairs with fabrics treated so they don't stain. You may prefer plastic chairs instead that are easier to keep sanitary. Since customers won't need to stay in the chairs very long, comfort shouldn't be a big issue. You can buy what looks nice and fits within your budget.

Employee Chairs Need To Be Ergonomic

You'll need ergonomic chairs for employees since they may sit in the chairs all day while working on computers. Adjustable chairs make it easy for employees to get the right height for their size. You'll probably want chairs with armrests so employees have a place to rest their arms while working. You may want chairs with mesh fabric so there is ventilation that helps employees stay cool.

Standing Desks Give Employees A Break From Sitting

You may want a standing desk in your office space for employees to use when they don't need to be sitting at a computer. Employees can use it off and on throughout the day so they don't have to sit all day long. You may want an executive desk that transforms into a standing desk when you're tired of sitting. A desk that changes from sitting to standing allows you to continue working on your computer no matter what position the desk is in.

Employee Desks Need Drawers For Supplies

Desks for employees need drawers for office supplies and personal items. These are of a stock size so everyone can use the desk and adjust their chair for proper height. Depending on the type of work you do, the employees may need tables too for meetings or for room to spread out work. The amount of office furniture you buy depends on the amount of space in your office suite, your budget, and the number of your employees. 

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