Three Traits Of A Farmhouse Dining Table

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Three Traits Of A Farmhouse Dining Table

3 August 2023
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During your dining table's lifespan, your family will have countless meals together and share many memorable moments. There are few, if any, other pieces of furniture that bring a family together more than a dining table, so it's important to choose a table that you're excited to sit at. When you visit the dining table section of a furniture store in your area, it's likely that you'll encounter a few farmhouse tables. This term describes a popular type of table that can suit many homes — including those that don't have anything to do with farming. Here are three traits of a farmhouse dining table.

All-Wood Construction

Today's dining tables can contain many different materials. Often, you'll see tables that use two or more materials in their construction. For example, a popular style is a glass top set over metal legs. One of the defining traits of a farmhouse dining table is its all-wood construction. This is a table that always has a wooden top and wooden legs. While there may be metal hardware such as bolts and nuts, the main parts of the table are made of solid wood.

Large Size

Although you might think that all dining tables are large, the reality is that their sizes can vary a lot. A lot of people favor smaller dining tables; not only can they offer a cozy feel, but they can also be more practical in a dining room that has limited square footage. In general, farmhouse dining tables are among the larger dining tables that you'll see for sale. While their size can vary from model to model, they typically can seat a large group of people. Traditionally, mealtime at a farm included a lot of people — not only the members of the large family, but often some hired help, too. Today's farmhouse tables have a size that honors this traditional application.

Simple Design

Farmhouse dining tables are also known for having a simple design. While many wooden dining tables are ornate, those that fit the farmhouse description have an uncomplicated look. For example, the legs might be square or they might be curved, but it's unlikely that they'll be carved into an ornate shape. Similarly, the top of the table won't have any carved accents; it will simply be a thick slab of wood that is cut into a rectangle. If you think that a farmhouse dining table would be the right fit in your home, visit a local furniture store and look at their dining room furnishing options.