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Have you ever been so tired of standing that when you came across a place to sit, you could not help but sit down? If so, you have a true appreciation for furniture. Yes, furniture can be more than a place to sit, but the majority of the furniture we use in our homes is, in fact, just that — a place to sit. Couches, recliners, dining room chairs, and settes all fit this description. We ask you to keep that in mind as you read on this blog. While some furniture serves other purposes, sitting tends to be what we appreciate most.


Three Common Chair Mat Materials

28 September 2022
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If you're concerned about protecting the floor beneath the office chair in your home office, the simplest solution is to buy a chair mat. These office products are affordable, have a long lifespan, and provide a protective layer that ensures your floor doesn't sustain damage from your chair. Many furniture stores, particularly those that specialize in office furniture, carry large inventories of chair mats. When you browse your options, whether you do so in person at the store or on its website, you can expect to see chair mats in many different materials. Read More …

5 Persian Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

28 September 2022
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Persian rugs are impeccable, and the investment calls for special unique care and maintenance. You want your carpet to be in the best condition and last for years. Below are Persian rug cleaning and maintenance tips for preserving the appearance and life of your Persian rug. 1. Don't Steam Clean Your Persian Rug Never clean your Persian rug with the same method you use on a regular carpet. Cleaning experts don't recommend steam cleaning because the harsh process can damage Persian rugs' delicate natural fibers like silk and wool. Read More …

Six Problems You Can Avoid With Furniture Refinishing

21 September 2022
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Over time, the furniture pieces in your home will wear out so that they no longer look and function the same as they used to. Furniture refinishing is a good solution to revitalize furniture so that you can avoid problems that arise when you have old and worn-out furniture in your home.  The following are six problems you can avoid with furniture refinishing.  Living with furniture that looks old and worn out Read More …

You May Need A New Mattress More Than You Realize

20 September 2022
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Your mattress can play more of a role in your life than you might realize. The wrong mattress may be causing you problems that you may not know are related to the way you are sleeping. This can cause you to deal with those issues for a long period of time. Some people may even seek the assistance of their doctor, trying to find out what's going on with them, not knowing it's the mattress causing their issues. Read More …

Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Choosing A New Mattress For Your Bedroom

14 September 2022
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Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will own due to the fact that it will determine the overall comfort that you can enjoy when you are resting. Unfortunately, people can make some significant mistakes with choosing a new mattress, and this may result in them making a choice that is less than ideal for their needs. Mistake: Buying A Mattress That Is Too Small Read More …